For many years, The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) has been improving access at institutions with limited Internet time and/or financial resources. It is a searchable, offline, digital library which contains mainly agriculturally focused reference journals, as well as coverage in related subject areas.

The project is administered in partnership between the International Programs and the Information Technology Services (ITS) staff of Albert R. Mann Library. The TEEAL Project staff oversees production, distribution, outreach, marketing, and training. The Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA), formerly the TEEAL Africa Office, conducts awareness and training missions throughout the African continent.

The TEEAL Project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with additional placement support for eligible institutions being provided by The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). The collection is updated annually, and this non-profit digital library contains a growing number of prestigious full-text journals that leading publishers such as Elsevier and Taylor & Francis have gifted to TEEAL users.

All articles are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and open in Adobe® Reader®. Adobe Reader is provided free of charge with the TEEAL application and can be downloaded from the Help page.

No data are transmitted over the Internet at any time during your use of TEEAL. For further information about permitted use of TEEAL, please see the Help section.

About the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The TEEAL project would not be possible without support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Foundation has been an important source of funding for TEEAL since 2009, helping cover TEEAL’s costs of production and daily operations. The Gates Foundation has also supported TEEAL outreach and training efforts led by our Africa-based partner, ITOCA (Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa).

During TEEAL’s previous 2009-2013 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, TEEAL and ITOCA placed 115 new TEEAL sets in 14 target countries in sub-Saharan Africa. With the need for an offline collection still evident, a new grant from the Foundation is allowing for a redesign of TEEAL. TEEAL and ITOCA will also expand efforts to successfully place an additional 300 TEEAL sets in six target countries in Sub-Saharan Africa--Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda--as well as Bangladesh.

Key to the redesign of TEEAL is the inclusion of new research collections, the first of which is research conducted for the Gates Foundation’s Agricultural Development Team. Access to this material will also be provided through an online repository, www.AgriKnowledge.org.